Jane Pepper is based in Nottingham, UK and has a background in the sciences. She is particularly interested in Natural History themes and draws on her experience of scientific processing and presentation methods in the development her work. The main focus of her practice is digital collage and assemblage.

Jane uses organic fragments and textiles to construct small-scale assemblages as part of an ongoing investigation into the characteristics of Natural History specimens and collections. Grouping, sequencing and labelling activities are a significant part of the work.

A fascination with microscopic natural forms has led Jane to an investigation of themes of repetition, ‘no two the same’, and the principles of ‘growth and form’. Applying the rules of hexagonal symmetry to a range of organic fragments she has developed her own catalogue of ‘feasible forms’ which serve as base units for extrapolation. By subjecting these forms to digital cloning techniques she has allowed them to ‘invade’ domestic spaces, whilst an exploration of their decorative potential has generated a series of site-specific wallpapers.

Visit the portfolio pages to see some examples of Jane Pepper’s work.